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Kart: WSK Champions Cup / first 2024 competition in Lonato
Reportagem: KartCom Selection
The Kartcom Sélection team hopes you enjoyed the festive season and wishes you a great 2024 sporting season full of passion and performance.

The 2024 international season has just opened with the WSK Champions Cup in Lonato, from 19th to 21st January. Is it too early? Certainly compared to the past, the South Garda Karting Winter Cup launched the season after mid-February. But times have changed and the number of races open to the FIA Karting categories has greatly increased. WSK Promotion and the Champions of the Future offer numerous racing opportunities in addition to the four-race FIA European Karting Championship and the single-race World Championship. Drivers with unlimited budgets can take part in 18 events this year. A minimum of 10 events seems necessary for those who want to try to achieve a good result in FIA Karting.

Until the early 2000s, a good driver's programme consisted of three major competitions, the National Championship, the European Championship and the World Championship, plus possibly a few major classic events such as the Winter Cup or the Trofeo Andrea Margutti. Was it better before? It's hard to say. Above all, it was different and less expensive. The arrival on the scene of the IAME, Rotax and Vortex branded cups has boosted national and international participation figures. This was undoubtedly necessary to save competitive karting at a time when the international KF categories contributed to a fall in the number of entries from 2007 onwards for various technical and logistical reasons.

But should we criticise the large number of races currently taking place? It's a myth that karting is accessible to as many people as possible, because competition has a cost that not everyone can afford. That's a fact. In that case, those who can afford it shouldn't deprive themselves of racing all year round, from January to December, even if it means freezing in winter. Drivers are fortunate enough to be able to indulge their passion on many occasions and to support a flourishing industry, from manufacturers to teams, engine builders, tyre manufacturers and organisers.

Will the OK-N, which was launched last year, succeed in its challenge of launching or relaunching an FIA Karting category at national level by increasing participation in certain countries? The question remains open... Racing at Lonato in the WSK Champions Cup, the OK-N Junior seems to have found a new direction that was perhaps not foreseen at the outset. An in-depth study of the profiles of the participating drivers shows that the OK-N Junior could offer a welcome transition between the Mini and OK-Junior categories: lower level, more accessible budget. This remains to be confirmed over time, as the current number of 21 participants is not yet significant. What's more, the OK-N spirit is far from being respected in a minimum four-day competition with the constant presence of professional teams.

The 2024 season has only just begun, and the coming months will be exciting to follow and full of lessons to learn. The competition continues next weekend at Lonato with the first round of the WSK Super Master Series. We're just hoping that the temperatures won't be so cold.

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