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Kart: Rotax Grand Final in Bahrain / a competition that has to be experienced
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For over 20 years, the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Final has been a major event in the sporting season. The quality of the organisation has now reached new heights, with a superb staging of the event, breathtaking races and first-rate media coverage over six days. The standard of competitors is always very high, thanks to the selection of the best Rotax specialists from each of the nations represented.

The concept is unique in its kind, with brand new, identical karts supplied free of charge to all participants. No one other than BRP-Rotax can afford such a proposition, and for that reason alone, the RMCGF is exceptional. Although all the recently selected circuits are superb, the one in Bahrain is another notch above the rest. The Bahrain International Karting Circuit's 1,414-metre track is unique. Fast, very rolling, spectacular with a marked relief and a great width, it favours close races full of overtaking. It's one of the most beautiful in the world. The timetable, which alternates between sunny competition and a night-time atmosphere, adds a fairytale touch to the event, as does the fact that it is located on the edge of the F1 and WEC circuits.

The giant awning that brings together all the participants - nearly 400 this year - fosters a convivial atmosphere within the national teams, as well as contacts between the 61 countries represented. It's an experience to be savoured. The brands that supply the chassis are there to listen to the drivers, while the Rotax technical service responds to most requests. It's a real after-sales service that you only find in karting at the RMCGF. Over and above the undoubtedly considerable budget required for such an operation, BRP-Rotax was able to unite the energies of all its partners around a visible demand for quality at all times.

So, have we achieved the perfect event? Despite BRP-Rotax's best efforts, there were some imperfections, mostly linked to the basic Rotax concept. With karts that are extremely close in terms of performance, the races are intense, but it wasn't unusual for penalties for incorrectly positioned front fairings to upset the standings. For this reason, but also for other sporting or technical reasons, five of the six winners of the internal combustion engine Finals were penalised after the finish. In the Senior MAX class, the 5th place finisher was declared the winner, the first four finishers having been penalised. It's not a question of fault or error, but it's a shame for the beauty of the competition.

There was also the problem of micro-cutouts in the DD2 and DD2 Master. It quickly became apparent that all the engines could be affected. Rotax succeeded in determining the cause, but unfortunately no definitive solution could be put in place during the event. The problem was quickly resolved by the use of a more suitable part. This was no consolation to the drivers who were affected more frequently than others by this problem.

However, the success of the RMCGF 2023 should not be called into question. The positive aspects of the event far outweigh the negative ones, and the Rotax Grand Final continues to attract a growing number of drivers to the event, offering something unique in the world.

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