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Kart: the first competition outside Italy
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The start of the Champions of the Future Euro Series last weekend in Portugal revealed some changes in the balance of power. It is always difficult, even tricky, to properly analyse what is really happening on the track. This remains the domain of the teams, who need to rapidly deconstruct all the data from the meeting to understand the consequences. Portimao was the first race of the season to leave Italy after six consecutive events in the country of the main manufacturers.

The use of MG tyres in OK for the second time this season after the Winter Series in Franciacorta is an element to be taken into account, whereas the OK-Junior category has been using Vega tyres since the beginning of the year. The 1531m Portimao circuit was the other major parameter of the weekend. The fast and hilly track, with a good width, has always been very selective and sometimes confusing for some. It is obviously less well known than the busy Italian circuits. This means extra work for the teams and engine manufacturers, as well as for the drivers, who are used to driving a lot to prepare for a competition. Portimao requires a good deal of control to avoid the relatively frequent incidents, especially on the first lap.

At Champions of the Future, Ward Racing won by enabling two of its numerous drivers to impose their Tony Kart / Vortexes in the Final with a comfortable lead: nearly a second for Kirill Dzitiev in OK-Junior and more than four seconds for Artem Severiukhin in OK. This good result is to the credit of Ward Racing, which prepares its engines in-house.

In a little more than a week, the first round of the FIA Karting European Championship will deliver its verdict after the lessons learned from this preparatory event.

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